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  • Public Charge Points

    Public Charge Points

    The CityEV charge point range encompasses a number of models of EVSE points of varying design and is suitable for a variety of locations, including wall mount, lamp posts, bollard and other street furniture, as well as a range of special options including customer branding and building into other bespoke or client enclosures. Public charge points...

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  • CityEV™ Cityline 100 Managed Lamp Post EVSE

    CityEV™ Cityline 100 Managed Lamp Post EVSE

    The new Cityline 100 Smart Charging Street EVSE unit, with the latest protocol version offering both local smart charging, where charging on multiple charge points is limited to a certain power limit and central smart charging which is managed by the central system. The Cityline 100 also offers the possibility for load balancing, where the...

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  • User Instructions

    User Instructions

    CityEV Second generation charge points are simple to operate, they will charge your car up to 32A, ‘Fast Charging’ providing the power is available. All our charge points (except the EV32 solar charge point), look like this, to use the charge point the top ‘traffic light’ should be green, …. all is well with the charge...

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  • OEM EVSE Power Module for system integrators

    OEM EVSE Power Module for system integrators

    The CityEV EVSE OEM module is aimed at providers and manufacturers that want to build their own EVSE charger networks; with all the necessary design, test and manufacturing of the EVSE including power control, safety and network management taken care of, the module is designed to be simply integrated into an enclosure of the customers’ design....

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  • Home User Charge Point

    Home User Charge Point

    The CityEV EVline 100 home charge point can easily be installed in new or existing premises by a qualified electrician, (any installation which benefits from a grant may have to use a specific installer). The unit is very robust and simple to operate, with clear indicators showing its state and more detailed information available via a...

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  • Solar PV EV32 Car Charge Point

    Solar PV EV32 Car Charge Point

    Domestic and workplace electric vehicle charging from renewable and grid energy, with smart use of renewable and grid energy and built-in charge monitoring and metering of charging status, charging rates and vehicle status. Compatible with CityEV chargersanywhere network charge points and featuring safety monitoring and self diagnostics, the EV32 can also be used as standard grid only Charge point.

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