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What is CityEV?

In short a complete, UK designed and supported AC car charging system, with charge points for home use, for new and existing premises and for public installations, for example by local authorities, even featuring a custom built solar PV charge point for home and retail or commercial premises.

City EV also manufactures units to allow network operators to build their own charge points and networks and builds charge points for special installations, for example lamp post and heritage installations.

Did you know?

  • CityEV supplies EVSE charge points for home users, including homes with Solar PV systems installed; for commercial and residential developments and public system installations, all compatible with our 'chargersanywhere' network.
  • Chargersanywhere charge points can be installed for new connections or can replace existing units; our charge points are designed to fit in a variety of locations and can even be installed in existing street furniture, for example lamp posts.
  • All our charge points are designed to be easy and quick to use, turn up, plug in, swipe and charge, .... then go, charge points are constantly monitored by the chargers anywhere network for serviceability; the network is designed and built in Britain using our latest patent applied for technology.
  • CityEV also manufactures modular units and systems components, allowing designers to integrate EVSEs into new and existing infrastructure; to add charge points for the network or build a completely separate network.

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