• Where can I get help?

    CityEV designs smart electric vehicle charging points that can be installed anywhere, and are now found in towns and cities across the world. Although the units are all very similar, they may be owned and operated by different organisations. For public units, please refer to our ‘Street – how to’ button at the top of this page, where you can find details of the various operations.

    If you have a CityEV unit at home and need help contact CityEV support.

    If you have a CityEV unit at work, contact your facility administrator or CityEV Support.

    CityEV Portsmouth +44 (0)2923 190339 support@cityev.net

  • What does CityEV do?

    We design, make and install smart electric vehicle charging technology which can be used on the street, at work and at home. We provide advice to local authorities on installation and management of charging infrastructure, legal and regulatory requirements and eligibility for central government grants. We are a partner in consortia tenders for public contracts and commercial concessions. We provide revenue collection services for commercial charge point operators. We also work with government and industry groups to develop standards and legislation for electric vehicle charge points.

  • Where can I buy a CityEV charge point?

    CityEV charge points are available from CityEV and branches of Edmundson Electrical and its green energy distributor Greentech. There are more than 270 Edmundson Electrical or Greentech branches in the UK. CityEV charge points should always be installed by a qualified electrician. You can see  list of approved installers here.

  • Can I get a grant to install a CityEV charge point?

    Commercial and home installations of CityEV charge points may be eligible for OLEV grant funding of up to £350. The grant can be obtained through an authorised installer. Contact your nearest Edmundson Electrical or Greentech branch to find an authorised installer.

  • What charging cable will I need?

    CityEV charge points are compatible with all standard electric vehicle charging cables. You can buy a cable from our online shop.

  • How do I pay to charge my vehicle?

    We’ve designed our charge points to be as easy to use as possible. No membership is required. Payment options will be displayed next to the charge point. You may be able to pay by smartphone, contactless or RFID cashless payment.

  • Can I use CityEV charge points as part of a network management system?

    CityEV charge points are set up for network management. Smart metering is built into the units which can be monitored remotely. Software can be reset and updated automatically. Units are built to last but can be replaced in less than 10 minutes due to their simple design. For operators who want to outsource network management, we have an API back office interface that enables integration with other systems. Charge points can be CityEV-branded or supplied under white label for operators to add their own branding.

  • Are CityEV charge points safe to use at home?

    Yes. All of our electric vehicle charge points comply with the latest safety regulations. Household charge points should always be installed by a qualified electrician according to the current edition of BS:7671 and the IET code of Practice for EV installs.

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