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What is CityEV?

CityEV is a new ‘second generation’ AC car charge network system, with home points, including the EV32 new solar charge point for home and premises users with solar panel systems and a powerful, yet simple to operate public network capability.

How does it work?

You will be able to buy a conventional or even PV solar home car charge point from us, have it installed and use it straight away for your AC powered PHEV car; ultimately you will be able to use public or other private, for example at retail locations, CityEV charge points.

What is a Network Management System?

All our charge points are ‘connected’ by a sophisticated, however, invisible network management system; the management system checks charge points for any faults and enables (where appropriate) the electricity billing systems to charge for use.

How much does it cost?

We have various car charge points for home use, you can buy one outright and have it installed by us, please contact us and we can let you have the current prices for equipment and installation; you will also be able to use our public charge points in 2017 and we will keep you updated on the availability and costs; operators of other locations, for example in retail locations may charge separately or may even be free to use.

Further Questions

  • What about the CityEV company?

    CityEV is completely British, all or our systems and equipment is designed, developed and produced in the UK; support is based in the UK and can be obtained from our web site or by telephone on the number printed on your charge point.

  • Is the CityEV system only available in the UK?

    No, we also have a range of EVSE charging products specifically designed to be exported around the world. In addition, our patent applied for units enable system designers to simply incorporate EVSE equipment into their own housings.

  • What happens if there is a fault?

    The CityEV network management system monitors the EVSE charge points on the systems and can detect a range of abnormal conditions, should one occur. Additionally, simple indicators on the charge unit can be checked to assess the unit’s state. Our support office can be contacted by email and telephone and we can arrange a repair if necessary.


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