!! 500 More Public Charge Points !!

!! 500 More Public Charge Points !!

! An Electric Year Ahead ! – Working closely with partners, CityEV is supplying 500 public charge points for London and Hampshire; to be installed in early 2021, the roll out comprises a mix of CityEV Cityline 100 products, including the new IDC column door unit, Standard column units and Contactless payment stations; each carefully chosen to provide residents and visitors with the most convenient access to the charge points.

With the emphasis on easy and convenient access – the Cityline product is designed for Authorities and operators to quickly deploy a large number of charge points, featuring the CityEV Safevolt®, units can be installed, subject to local conditions, without highways excavations, greatly enhancing deployments and delivering maximum value to the community, maximising the number of sockets available. The Cityline 100 is being deployed with CityEV’s EVopencard® payment system, incorporating roaming between CityEV partners, with, as selected for particular locations, Contactless payment, QR and NFC payments for Apple and Google smartphones.

This deployment compliments the existing Cityline units in the field and is set to expand the CityEV Cityline 100 units with EVopencard® and Safevolt®, brings together CityEV’s products to deliver highly efficient and rapid access to large deployments of AC charge points for drivers.

For more information contact CityEV at sales@cityev.net or tel: +44 (0) 2393 190339

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