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CityEV’s EVLine 100/S renewable EV/PV Charge Controller – New Model 2018


Automatic renewable energy car charge control for home or business users

New model coming 2018 – the CityEV EVLine 100/s domestic and workplace electric vehicle charging unit, with smart use of renewable and grid energy features built-in charge monitoring and metering of charging status, charging rates and vehicle status and automatically makes the best and most efficient use of an available renewable energy source. Compatible with CityEV chargersanywhere network charge points and featuring safety monitoring and self-diagnostics, the unit can also be used as standard grid only charge point.

Smart use of renewable power for your car

If you’re looking for an electric vehicle charge point that is not only safe and reliable but also the most eco-friendly EVSE available anywhere then this unit is the smart choice. It’s our first electric vehicle charging point that dynamically charges using renewable energy, renewable with grid or solely using grid energy. So if you own both an electric vehicle and a PV or wind renewable energy installation, or plan to install renewable energy in the future, the EVline 100/S will enable intelligent use of your generated power for vehicle charging and help make your EV even more planet friendly.