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Our VW Golf GTE

Our VW Golf GTE


CityEV Fleet Golf GTE

As one of our PHEVs Peter drives a Golf GTE, CityEV staff have PHEVs and run them for business and home use on a day to day basis; the excellent Golf GTE both earns it’s keep on our fleet and is a pleasure to drive. Of course our fleet cars are part of our commitments to EV drivers and driving, enabling us to gather valuable information about the practical day to day use of EV charging.

Golf GTE

The VW Golf GTE is a very good car!

Peter comments that the Golf GTE is a very good car; having driven a new Golf GTE since March, (replacing a diesel Passat), the Golf GTE is very enjoyable to drive, and a very practical every day car. The Golf has all the usual Golf qualities, but although very simple to drive and dynamic, is indeed a sophisticated piece of engineering, featuring a really practical car, allied to a really practical electric drive system, which delivers smooth power and a good performance.

The electric only range, around 31 miles is ideal for day to day commuting; most weeks we do not use the engine/fuel at all, pleasurable driving with true economy! …. and efficiency, all with a minimal pollution impact and for day to day driving zero emissions. The motor is enough to meet all our daily requirements, even towing a trailer with the clever, built in tow bar.

The ultra-smooth Golf …. and with style and complete practicality.