Elexon approval for CityEV charge points

Elexon approval for CityEV charge points

CityEV charge points have received regulatory approval from Elexon. This means they can be mounted on and powered by public street lighting to provide convenient on-street charging of electric vehicles.

With its oversight of the process of electricity settlement for generators and consumers, Elexon performs a vitally important role in the UK electricity supply industry.

Elexon sets the technical requirements for the electricity supply chain. Under UK law, only charge points that have been approved by Elexon may be powered by unmetered public street lighting.

Elexon’s approval of the CityEV system will help local authorities provide their communities with an efficient and approved network of electric vehicle charge points all directly connected to the unmetered electricity supply.

Making intelligent use of existing resources, this is the most efficient and low-cost way to bring electric vehicle charging to where it’s needed. There are more than 7.5 million lamp posts in the UK which can be used in this way.

In addition to charge points, CityEV provides advice to local authorities on installation and management of charging infrastructure, legal and regulatory requirements and eligibility for central government grants and is a partner in consortia tenders for public contracts and commercial concessions.

CityEV also works with government and industry groups to develop standards and legislation for electric vehicle charge points.

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