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CityEV Elexon Approval

CityEV Elexon Approval


Elexon oversees a process of electricity settlement for generators and consumers in the UK, a vitally important role in the electricity supply industry.

To manage all the demands, there are extensive technical requirements to ensure accuracy and efficiency in the electricity supply chain, The CityEV measurement system has passed a thorough industry, independent scrutiny and test program and for example, Local Authorities are now able to serve their communities with an efficient and approved network of lamp post EV charge points, directly connected to the street, unmetered electricity supply.

The CityEV charge point system, specifically the Cityline 100 smart managed charge point can now be connected to an unmetered street electricity supply, providing a method for rapid charge point volume roll-outs, whilst reporting and managing the wide spread use of electrical power for street EV charging.

This is the most efficient way of deploying EV charge points in the street, making best use of existing resources, the street electricity supply and lamp columns to bring EV charging to where it’s needed.

The Cityline 100 managed column EV charge point features a variety of driver payment options, is very simple to operate and is connected to the CityEV, Elexon approved electricity management system.