CityEV & JoJu Smart Column Charge Points for Reading

CityEV & JoJu Smart Column Charge Points for Reading

READING’S first electric charging points on residential streets are now live.

Powered using the existing electrical supply to lamp posts, the charge points have been installed and are operational on Coventry Road, Filey Road, Manchester Road, St Bartholemews Road, East Street, Anstey Road Caversham Road and Wantage Road.

The charging points are free to use for electric vehicle owners in the first month. After that they will cost 30p/kWh.

The locations were selected following the Council’s ‘Go Electric’ public consultation where Reading residents who either owned an electric vehicle, or had an interest in buying one in the future, were asked to register their interest in having an electric charging point on their street.

While electric vehicles are an increasingly popular choice for drivers because of the obvious air quality and health benefits, people are very often put off by having nowhere to charge their vehicle overnight where they don’t have a private driveway.

“By using the electrical supply of lamp posts, we can create easy and conveniently located charging points close to people’s homes, making it the ideal solution for overnight charging” JoJu Solar and CityEV have partnered to bring the innovative Cityline charge point system to Reading.

Photos courtesy of and copyright Reading Council, with thanks.

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