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New Elexon Approved Lamp Column Chargers Installed


CityEV is installing new Elexon approved Cityline 100 compact lamp column chargers, easily retrofitted to existing or new columns, the Cityline 100 unit enables operators to economically and rapidly deploy large numbers of EV charge points, 3.6Kw stainless steel units can be installed in around an hour.

The Cityline 100 unit is part of the CityEV range of easily deployed, low cost charge points, with models available from 3.6Kw to 22Kw and featuring fob, smartphone and contactless payment systems.

The Elexon and OLEV approved units are completely self-contained, requiring only a power connection to bring in to service and are fully approved for connection to the UMS – unmetered supply. CityEV’s comprehensive management back-office system provides the operator with a range of monitoring and control facilities and the operator is free to choose their preferred DNO connection, facilitated by the CityEV Elexon approved measurement system. Operators can elect to use the Plugsurfing smartphone charge point roaming app and a CityEV API is available for integration into other systems.

For more information contact CityEV sales on +44 2393 190339, email