CityEV Safevolt® EV PME model 50/100/300 Single/Three Phase Automatic Fault Detector For Amendment 1

The New CityEV Safevolt® – Install charge points compliant with 18th Edition Amendment 1 recommendations and IET Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment – Simple indoor installation of the CityEV Safevolt® PEN fault detector models 50/100 single phase or model 300 three phase.

No need to convert to TT or install isolation transformer or earth electrodes – eliminate site excavation and making good with the simple installation of the CityEV Safevolt® unit. true ground and voltage sensing circuits, with DC blocking

The 18th edition and latest edition of the IET code of practice introduces strict conditions for electrical installations of charge points on PME single and three phase installations, which reflects the majority of premises in the UK, the CityEV Safevolt® alleviates the needs for costly and disruptive site works such as installing ground rods or impractical isolation transformers, …. is your installer meeting the new requirements? installers are required to comply with the codes, carry out a risk assessment and sign off installations as compliant; the CityEV Safevolt® means compliant installations can be easily and effectively installed in homes and commercial premises.

(Safevolt parts only – other parts for scale illustration only)

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