Cityline 100 CDC Smart Contactless EVSE with CityEV Safevolt™

The Cityline 100 Smart CDC Contactless EVSE is the ideal platform for commercial charge point operators.

This unit can be configured to meet a wide variety of commercial applications and supports smartphone, contactless and RFID cashless payment.

The Cityline 100 CDC contactless payment charge point can be used to create local smart charging networks, where charging on multiple charge points is limited to a certain power limit, as well as centralised network management. It also permits load balancing, where the power offered per socket can be controlled according to demand. The unit is capable of delivering 32A (7Kw charging) where the supply allows.

Due to this unit’s inbuilt roaming functionality, it can be easily added to existing charge point networks. It also provides improved EVSE reporting and data management.

CityEV can provide revenue collection services for commercial charge point operators in addition to supply and installation of charge points.

Units can be supplied with or without CityEV branding. They are made from durable weather-resistant solid stainless steel and come with a three-year warranty. All CityEV equipment is designed, made and supported in the UK.

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