Cityline 100 Smart Charging Street EVSE Elexon and OLEV approved with CityEV Safevolt™

The Cityline 100 Smart Charging Street EVSE unit combines smart on-street charging with contactless payment options.

Designed for fast roll-out at low cost, the unit can be integrated into a wide variety of street furniture without planning permission. As the Cityline 100 Smart Charging Street EVSE is Elexon approved, this includes public street lighting as well as bollards, columns and walls.

The unit is capable of delivering 32A (7Kw charging) where the supply allows. It can be configured for load balancing, where the charge station controls the power offered per socket to regulate demand on the power grid.

The Cityline 100 Smart Charging Street EVSE can be set up for commercial operation or open unmetered supply. Network operators can offer contactless, smartphone and RFID cashless payment options. CityEV can also provide revenue collection services for charge point operators if required.

The Cityline 100 can be supplied with or without CityEV branding.

Units are made from durable weather-resistant solid stainless steel and come with a three-year warranty. All CityEV equipment is designed, made and supported in the UK.

Some installations may be eligible for OLEV grant funding. In addition to installation and management of charging infrastructure, CityEV can advise on eligibility for central government grants and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

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