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3.5 – 22 Kw Workplace charging – 18th Edition Amendment 1 Compliant with Safevolt™

Our EVline 100 single phase and 300 Smart, three phase units are for employers who want to offer vehicle charging at work.

The EVline 100 Smart and 300 Smart can be operated via key fob to provide control access. This makes it easy for fleet managers to measure usage. CityEV units include our unique Safevolt™ Earth Fault protection – fully compliant with the 18th Edition Amendment 1 and with a DC block.

If no access control is required, the EVline 100 ‘e’ is available as a simple plug and charge version of this unit.

Both EVLine units provide fast charging and work with all standard electric vehicle charging cables. They are made from durable weather-resistant solid stainless steel and come with a three-year warranty. The EVline 100 Smart, 300 Smart and EVline 100 ‘e’ can be easily installed by a qualified electrician. Installations of the EVline 100 Smart and 300 Smart may be eligible for OLEV grant funding.

Units can be supplied with or without CityEV branding.

All CityEV equipment is designed, made and supported in the UK.