OEMs and Power Companies

Electric vehicle charge points can enhance customer offers from OEMs and power companies.

In addition to meeting the demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure by operating their own charge point networks, power companies can enhance their appeal to customers who own or intend to own an electric vehicle by providing free or discounted charge points.

For OEMs, bundling the latest charging technology with the vehicle gives the customer one less thing to worry about.

CityEV provides smart charging technology for home, commercial and public use. Our charging units are user-friendly, work with all standard electric vehicle charging cables and fulfil smart metering requirements.

Metering is located inside the unit. Tariffs can be set and managed remotely by network operators, who have access to rich data supporting smart network management.

The compact units are made from durable weather-resistant solid stainless steel and come with a three-year warranty.

All CityEV equipment is designed, made and supported in the UK.

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