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Power Company EV Networks

Designed specifically to enable power companies and organisations to roll out and operate/maintain EV charge point networks, the CityEV Cityline and EVline charge point range can deliver charge points suitable for domestic installations, PV installations, commercial and public installations with smart charge points managed from the organisations central network control system. CityEV can deliver all the elements to build a network, along with a range of existing and forthcoming charge points.

The all British design is manufactured and fully supported in the UK, charge point branding is catered for and the operator can choose to host the network system internally or accesses it via a remote, maintained host. The OLEV approved charge points cater for all requirements and a range of charge point types can all be operated on the same network system, operators can set and amend the charge point tariff via the network system.

For further information and configuration options call Peter Lagesse on +44 (0) 2393 190339 or email