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Public Charge Points

The CityEV charge point range encompasses a number of models of EVSE points of varying design and is suitable for a variety of locations, including wall mount, lamp posts, bollard and other street furniture, as well as a range of special options including customer branding and building into other bespoke or client enclosures.

HeritagePost Galv.j600

Public charge points can easily be configured for a variety of situations and can be installed in many types of premises, including street-side, car parks, schools, hospitals and commercial and retail outlets. Units are monitored by the network control system, which checks the status of individual charge points, as well as the usage and charge status. The network can be configured for the supply of power at no charge or can be arranged for driver billing according to fixed and variable tariffs; a billing system can be managed by the premises owner/operator or alternatively via the CityEV central billing system.