Public Charge Points

CityEV charge points can be easily integrated into column and door street lighting, car parks and local authority buildings, without planning permission, for large-scale deployment at low cost.

Electric vehicles improve public health by reducing levels of toxic emissions from traffic. Access to local public charge points removes a major barrier to adoption for residents who cannot charge electric vehicles at home.

CityEV charge points are Elexon approved. Under UK law, only charge points with Elexon regulatory approval may be powered by unmetered public street lighting. Units can also be easily installed on other street furniture such as bollards and wall and column mounted.

Units can be set up for open unmetered supply or commercial operation. Commercial charge points permit smartphone, contactless and RFID cashless payment. CityEV can also provide revenue collection services for charge point operators.

Network management may be outsourced, since our charge points have an API back office interface that enables integration with other systems.

Units can be supplied with or without CityEV branding. They are made from durable weather-resistant solid stainless steel and come with a three-year warranty. All CityEV equipment is designed, made and supported in the UK.

CityEV also advises on legal and regulatory requirements and central government grants for public charge points.

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