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User Instructions

CityEV Second generation charge points are simple to operate, they will charge your car up to 32A, ‘Fast Charging’ providing the power is available.

All our charge points (except the EV32 solar charge point), look like this, to use the charge point the top ‘traffic light’ should be green, …. all is well with the charge point and supply. In the event it is red, there is a fault and you can call our helpline, 02393 190339, ask for the helpline.CityEV_Circular_25.08.16_V2

To charge your car, plug in the car securely, swipe your key fob on the indicated area and the car will start to charge, the middle light will quickly show green, ‘approved’ and the car will start charging, the charge status is indicated by the lowest light, charged, charging or car fault.

To stop the charge process, swipe your key fob, removing the cable will also stop the process, that’s it! …. remember the helpline 02393 190339