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  • Power Company EV Networks

    Power Company EV Networks

    Designed specifically to enable power companies and organisations to roll out and operate/maintain EV charge point networks, the CityEV Cityline and EVline charge point range can deliver charge points suitable for domestic installations, PV installations, commercial and public installations with smart charge points managed from the organisations central network control system. CityEV can deliver all...

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  • OEM EVSE Power Module for system integrators

    OEM EVSE Power Module for system integrators

    The CityEV EVSE OEM module is aimed at providers and manufacturers that want to build their own EVSE charger networks; with all the necessary design, test and manufacturing of the EVSE including power control, safety and network management taken care of, the module is designed to be┬ásimply integrated into an enclosure of the customers’ design....

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