OEMs & Power Companies

  • Cityline 100 IDC Smart Door Mounted EVSE with CityEV Safevolt™

    Cityline 100 IDC Smart Door Mounted EVSE with CityEV Safevolt™

    The New Cityline 100 Smart fast AC single phase 7Kw charge point is designed for ease of installation onto column doors, Elexon approved and with built in CityEV Safevolt® and DC block technology and 6mA DC block with simple plug ‘n’ charge or fob operation; (optional payment systems), the Cityline 100 smart charge point from […]

  • OEM EVSE Power Module

    OEM EVSE Power Module

    The EVSE OEM module is for manufacturers and energy providers who want to build their own electric vehicle charging networks. This module provides a quick and simple way to set up and manage an EVSE network. It can be used to create a small private network or integrated into a larger network system. The EVSE […]

  • OEMs and Power Companies

    OEMs and Power Companies

    Electric vehicle charge points can enhance customer offers from OEMs and power companies. In addition to meeting the demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure by operating their own charge point networks, power companies can enhance their appeal to customers who own or intend to own an electric vehicle by providing free or discounted charge points. […]


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