CityEV Street Units – How to start and stop your charging session

  1. When the top light (system check) is green, the charge point is ready to use.
  2. Plug your charging cable into the charge point: you can use any standard electric vehicle charging cable.
  3. To use contactless payment, wait for the middle light to turn amber then tap your credit/debit card to authorise and start.
  4. To pay with the Plugsurfing app, select the charge point on-screen and tap select to start.
  5. The charge status light will flash amber during charging.
  6. When the charge status light turns green your vehicle is fully charged.
  7. Unplug your car to end the session: detach the car end of the cable first*.
  8. To get a payment receipt, text EV [space] followed by the charge point ID number to 87007.

Some charge points can accept contactless payment and have a black contactless swipe reader on the front panel. The minimum contactless charge is £1 (including VAT), roughy equates to 3kw of power.

The Plugsurfing app may be required to use some public charge points.

Download the Plugsurfing app, set up an account, add your payment method, then use the map to locate the charge point and start charging: set the slider fully left (3kw).

***  All lamp column CityEV public charge points are 3.6Kw (16A).

*** London Borough of Barnet public charge points will be live from October 2019 using contactless payment and Plugsurfing smartphone access ***

*** London Borough of Southwark public charge points are be live from August 2019 using CityEV Plugsurfing smartphone access ***

CityEV EVopencard™ units accept most Visa and Mastercards with no PIN required. If a card is declined, wait for the unit to reset (top light is green) and use the Plugsurfing app to pay for your session instead. Contactless card minimum payment £1.00, please take care to ensure you stay sufficient time to take up this charge.

*** Note that in order to assist banks with credit and debit card fraud detection contactless charge points may pre-authorise £15, THIS IS NOT A CHARGE, it is a test for card validity only and will not be debited, ….. depending on the bank/card this may be seen of your statement but is a card test only ***

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