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You’ve probably just come across a CityEV street charge point and want to know how to use it!, ….

CityEV_Circular_25.08.16_V2A, The top light should be steady green …. system ready to use, all good

B, Plug your car in to the charge point

C, Authorise the session, (There is no membership) – see below

D, When charging the bottom light will pulse amber, when it’s green, you are done, fully charged.

The unit may be ….

  1. Free to use, proceed as above, yep, free!, …. thank you to your local council
  2. Free to use but need the Plugsurfing app to switch it on/off,  …. thank you app and to your local council
  3. Contactless, (with a black contactless front panel swipe reader) proceed as above, swipe your credit/debit card to authorise/use
  4. Operated by our app, free to download, Plugsurfing; download the app, register your charge card (credit/debit) to create an account, then select the chargepoint by map and select the chargepoint banner, then start/stop charge button. The Plugsurfing menu should be set to 3.6Kw, the slider to the far left.

** All our street charge points are 3.6Kw, (16A) – Our helpline is 02393 190109 **